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Technology Engagement
Take a look at how Barry is integrating technology into the lives of students to prepare them for the college and career.

The Barry School Staff is committed to integrating technology in our classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with a mounted or portable LCD projector or TV screen. Teachers use laptop computers and our new Smart TVs to present engaging lessons for students.  
Additionally, students have access to a suite of resources through Classlink such as Google Suite, Typing Agent, and corresponding core curriculum resources. As we move to a one-to-one tech environment, students stay engaged on laptops during class. See below for more information.
If you have any questions regarding tech integration, contact your child's teacher. 

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All students at Barry School have access to Classlink, a Single Sign On application for students to access applications from anywhere. Whether students are in the classroom, on the playground, or at home, they can access Classlink. 
Click on the snapshot to the right and visit Classlink and choose your own adventure!