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Yuba City Unified School District
Barry Elementary School

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Yuba City, CA 95991
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Dear Barry School Family,

Big changes are coming to Barry Elementary School, and they are changes our school community has wanted for a very long time.  This year, our families at Barry Elementary School are going to experience an August return more exciting than any before.

Finally, after many years of hard work and waiting, Barry is at last getting modernized facilities that put it on the same level as other schools in our district. We are pleased to announce that construction is underway on a new multi-purpose room, gymnasium, and music/choir facility.

With all big changes, come new challenges, and this exciting project is no different. Construction will still be underway when classes resume at Barry School on August 16. This means the front of the school will be fenced off, and the way parents drop off and pick up their children is going to be different.

These changes will be challenging, particularly in the first days when we adjust to the new format. It is certain that drop off and pick up will take a little longer – and require extra planning and patience.

Our main concern during this period is for the safety of our children. That is, we have worked hard to develop a system to keep traffic flow as orderly as possible, and to ensure students safety throughout the entire process.

A description of the drop off and pick up plan is attached below, along with a map indicating the new drop off areas as well as a new and helpful bus transfer lot.

I encourage you to review this plan carefully. Think about which route you will take to bring your children to school, and be ready to help everyone by following the instructions of our staff and safety officers on site.

We worked together to bring about these exciting changes to our school. Now, we will work together to prevent unnecessary problems and keep our children safe in this period of construction.

I thank you in advance for your patience and assistance during this challenging – but exciting – time!

Traffic Plan for Barry Elementary School Construction

Pick up and drop off has always been challenging at our school, but while our new facilities are under construction, those challenges are going to be greater. We have developed guidelines to ensure student safety and to minimize traffic congestion and delays. Please follow these guidelines carefully and do your part to keep our children safe and traffic moving.

New drop-off locations

The front of school is not accessible due to construction. There is no vehicle access to school property during this time.

Primary drop off area:

The best way to drop off a student at school is to drive west on Barry Road and pull over in the designated drop off area as directed by on-site staff and traffic safety workers. This drop off area is close to the old entrance to school, and will be clearly marked.

Secondary drop off area:

Families arriving from the west side of school may choose to use a new drop off area on the south side of Barry Road. Drivers will be directed to pull into this small parking lot, drop off their students, and proceed out of the lot, turning right onto Barry Road.  Crossing guards will walk the children across Barry Road to the school.

Please note this new lot cannot be accessed by west bound cars, and that drivers exiting this lot must turn right onto Barry Road.

Bus Transfer Area:

Parents and drivers can bypass the congestion and challenges of Barry Road altogether by using a newly designated bus transfer lot. This lot is located on Walnut Street, on the west side of Highway 99.

  • Students can be dropped off at the bus transfer lot, where they will be supervised and then driven safely to school.
  • Parents may wait with their children until the bus is ready to depart.
  • Parents of young children are welcome to ride the bus to school with them – a bus will return parents to the lot after school begins.


Parents on campus:

If you have business to conduct on campus, please consider doing it at a time other than drop off or pick up times. If you must be on campus during these times, please use one of these two methods to park and enter campus safely:

  • Limited parking spaces are available in the drop off lot on the South side of Barry Road. Only 12 spaces are available. If a space is not available you will be directed to continue through the lot and exit on Barry Road.
  • Parents may use the bus transfer lot to get a safe ride to school without the need to park on or near campus.

Please remember there is no vehicle access to campus during this construction phase. The old parking lot is fenced off and cars will not be permitted to enter the school area or attempt to park there.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this challenging time. If we all follow these guidelines, we can make traffic flow easier and our children safer. It is with great pride that I know the Barry community will rise to the challenge for our students and their welfare.

If you have questions or concerns about this plan, please contact Principal Moss at 530-822-5220 or email at
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